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  • poolife® Flocculant

    Use poolife® Flocculant to troubleshoot a cloudy pool or for sever algae blooms. Make sure your water is always properly balanced and your filter is running effectively.
  • poolife® Instant Clear Cleaning Granules

    This product is an effective multi-purpose sanitizer and shock that protects against chlorine loss, optimizing pool usage and swimmer comfort with no sediment. This product is convenient and easy to use to control the growth of algae, kill bacteria and destroy organic materials.
  • poolife® Intensive Stain Prevention™

    poolife® Intensive Stain Prevention® product provides protection against scale, stains and rust caused by minerals in the water, such as iron, copper, nickel, manganese, silicon and zinc.  Concentrated and stable in water at high temperatures.
  • poolife® Mustard Algae Treatment

    This product helps clear away slimy yellow and mustard algae in swimming pools. When used as directed, this product clears water quickly and can be used in any type of swimming pool.
  • poolife® Natural Clarifier

    poolife® Natural Clarifier naturally creates clear water by coagulating dirt, oil, and scum so it can be easily filtered out of your pool water.  Works with all pool sanitizers.
  • poolife® Non-Chlorine Oxidizer

    Over time, swimming pool water is contaminated with a variety of organic molecules. The sources of the contamination are the bathers and the environment. If not treated periodically, these contaminants will accumulate and can lead to any number of problems including unwanted tastes and odors, excessive consumption of sanitizer , eye irritation and difficulty in maintaining clear pool water. Oxidation of pool water with poolife® Non-Chlorine Oxidizer will destroy soluble organic contaminants and assist in the maintenance of sparkling water.
  • poolife® pH Minus

    poolife® pH Minus balancer lowers the pH of swimming pool water. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6. Maintaining a pH level above 7.6 keeps your sanitizer from working effectively and can cause scale, eye irritation and skin discomfort. This product also lowers the total alkalinity of swimming pool water.
  • poolife® pH Plus®

    poolife® pH Plus balancer raises the pH of swimming pool water. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6. Maintaining a pH level below 7.2 keeps your sanitizer from working effectively and can cause equipment corrosion, eye irritation and skin discomfort
  • poolife® Phosphate Remover

    poolife® Phosphate remover is a highly concentrated and effective formulation for the removal of troubling phosphates  which can contribute to the growth of algae in pool water.
  • poolife® Pool Plus™ metal control

  • poolife® Rapid Shock®

    poolife® Rapid Shock® shock treatment is a fast dissolving formula for use weekly, after heavy pool usage, and after rain or windstorms. It works fast to bring your chlorine levels into balance, ridding the water of contaminants and keeping it ready for a refreshing, clean swim.
  • poolife® Stabilizer & Conditioner

    poolife® Stabilizer & Conditioner balancer raises the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level of swimming pool water. The ideal stabilizer range is 20-50ppm. Proper stabilizer levels stop the loss of chlorine caused by sunlight.

Showing 13–24 of 30 results